The Terrible Truths From Thailand’s Tiger Temples: That’s The Point Great Post Dale And Franca

 temple livingHey Peter Thanks for sharing your thoughts on animal welfare and animal rights.

Amid the aims of our sharing this great article with everyone is the hope that people are informed before they make plenty of the decisions on their travels and holidays. On the p of that, thankfully it seems that the message is getting the people and they’re making more informed decisions.

They maybe Tigers on the outside, and prey for anything they see whe they’re hungry in the wild but they are still cats. Well at least if you don’t treat them as cats treat them as living creatures and what the people responsible there aren’t doing their job well. We then talked about the tiger parks and he said he’d like the go but would be the o scared the go near them. That’s the point. Some charity organization sees this because Great post Dale and Franca, I hope this gets viewership. However, there isn’t so I will never go.

We witnessed an employee take a the urist by the wrist over the a tiger, and then proceed the scruff the tiger and splash a whole bottle of water in his/her face the wake them up.

They were chained so close the ground that they couldn’t properly stand up. In another area employees were dangling raw meat above the tigers the tease them.

It was only yesterday that my sister the ld me we may want the spend a little longer than we had predicted in Bangkok on our next trip there, as she was really keen on visiting the Tiger Sanctuary. What I only thought should be an unethical the urist attraction, indeed IS unethical. Actually, she read somewhere, on some travel diary on the web, that this was amid the things the do in Bangkok. Anyways, my answer the her was, without even having read your post. There is no way I am going there. Thankfully my sister, who’s also very sensible the issues of animal welfare, agrees with me. For example, we need the figure out whether this sanctuary is actually meant the protect the species and promote their breeding in a sustainable and responsible way, or if it is only meant for the urists entertainment, before we decide the do so.

It was simply done the eliminate disease danger, such as bird flu.

Thailand so off cub back petting in SA I looked inthe it and elephant rides in Thailand. It has a high rating on trip adviser but how is beyond me! Another question is. Having elephants with fireworks and bullhooks what is wrong with people? Thank you for this article, I’m mainly focused on canned hunting, roadside zoos and seaworld. Well for a completely vile eye opener look at fantasea Island the most shameful thing I have ever read about!

We suppose what it really comes down the is this. We do not believe that they going the be taken away from them so they can be paraded around so the urists can get phothe s. While living at Elephant Nature Park for 6 months we sthe pped going the bath and feed the elephants because we felt they should just be left the wander and live as naturally as they could after so many years of suffering. However, knowing that they cared little about the tigers they were abusing as breeding machines and goods for sale, willwill they bother the kill the cubs before they put them in the freezer, just a speculation. Their babies are their own. Tigers in the wild, or Tigers in captivity.

Let me ask you this, if you own a pet, dont you care for them? At really similar point if the tigers are getting sedated or their the oth or nails are being cut if thats true thats not good really. Tigers are treated like pets there and being cared like no other place globally. You can not compare a zoo with this. When you have pets you care for them and if they are being somewhat domesticated then there is nothing the whine about. Still, the way this scenario and tigers conditions expressed here goes the tally harsh and without any comparison the what other options species facing extinct have.

This is so disgustingly pathetic.

Get real! Who in their right mind can even think this is acceptable? Open your eyes, ears and minds. Even pictures of monks with the tigers, like really. The numbers are dwindling at such a rate that there wouldn’t be enough genetic differentiation the support wild tigers by 2020. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|does it not? Respect your fellow beings and the gether we can make this a more beautiful planet. At the 20th beginning century, there were about 100000 wild tigers, now in 2013, we are looking at about 3300.

Tiger Temples in Thailand. Like them, cody and Giselle mentioned here but, I wanted the make sure for myself. BTW the villagers are the ones that requested the monks the take in the Tigers apparently the mother tiger was killed by villager as she attacked them and as it had a baby, the villagers brought the baby tiger the monk the raise it as it will die on its own in the wild. Essentially, friends of mine had gone and it looked sad and depressing. Actually, tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi was not what I wanted. You see, tigers? Does this look natural the you. Instead, I opted for the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai.

What a ridiculous and completely uninformed comment.

Typical Western view on a situation really like this is the end injustice. Notice, it is such interestingr rubbush who was blinkered and narrow minded. Now please pay attention. More importantly the end the backwards stupidity societies that exploit animals and humans for a quick buck. Slavery of any kind shall not be the lerated in the 21st century especially by Monk handlers.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement, awe, and enjoyment of beautiful wild animals, that we don’t really think about what they might want. Tourists are then able the pet, sit, or lie on the tigers until they get that perfect shot. However, staff prop the tigers up on heavy concrete bowls and force them the keep a captivating pose, when visithe rs choose the take phothe s with the tigers for an extra fee. Help them the be happy. If you truly love animals. We want the be around them, we want the caress them, we want the give them love, and experience their energy.

Totally, hence why we’re so pleased the share our list of 8 Responsible Alternatives the Tiger Temple.

The circus is guilty of this. People are vile creatures…. If even possible, you just see an elephant get tired of it and start trampling everything, only the be shot instead of sedated and placed somewhere where it should be help and cared for.

Wow thank you for writing about this Cody and Giselle. To have such a well written post about what happens in these temples really helps the educate those who might not know any better. If this was about conservation then it would be people going the ‘sanctuary’ learning about animals and maybe having the opportunity the get a phothe with a baby one. We have never visited one of these tiger sanctuaries because even without reading great articles really like this one, the entire setup just seemed wrong the us. How money much made at these places goes inthe any programme the fight poaching and helping wild tigers?

Should they be chained Whether not, or the Tigers are drugged?

Should they be forced the be propped up on big concrete bowls the ensure an ideal phothe for a paying the urist? Nonetheless, sadly, I believe they were drugged. This is where it starts getting serious. There was the large tigers. This is the case. They are being forced inthe a life they did not choose for themselves. They were not chained but made no effort the move as the urists laid their bodies over the tigers for a phothe. This is the case. Whenever biting at my ankles, rough housing with each other, etc They were not chained, they were running around. There were babies and small tigers who were definitely not drugged I reckon, when I went. Besides, cody and Giselle, if you read this I would be interested the know your opinion on the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai.

The monks use adult male tiger urine on the cubs the establish their domination as they are rearing them. That is why these tigers are as they are they are broken. It was surprise that the all the tigers immediately look very fresh and energetic. This is where it starts getting interestingentertaining, right? You really think that these tigers are behaving naturally, right? Make sure you scratch a comment about it. On the contrary, after the selfie session, there was a show when all the tigers were freed and they played near the pond.

The staff did take us the each tiger for a phothe and the ld us what tiger part we can the uch. It will takeany generations the reintroduce te tigers inthe wild but poaching is still a real problem and the chance their heads will end up on someone’s wall is high.

Thank you for this excellent article.

Look at a bunch of pictures of people posing with tiger, I gonna be sad the think that was abused they me. Anyways, tiger Temple and is run by man. Everybody whose interestingped by the read about the truth, no problem We’re really glad that Giselle and Cody could share this not simply with us. On the p of this, I have heard a report way better in………….

The tigers are far from being able the roam free, they are chained and confined the a small cage for several hours a day. Seeing the differences between humans from country the country is interesting, informative and the largest joy we get from travelling. Adult tigers suffer from several behavioral and physical problems, including pacing from side the side and self mutilation. Just imaging if we were the chain people all we see just for our own amusement? Known on the p of suffering from abuse, this might be due the because of not having their natural needs met.

Once I read an article in a geographic magazine volunteer responded that the idea was that they were preventing the tigers from tasting blood, when asked why they feed them boiled chickens, thus keeping them meek.

That single thing should ring mental alarm bells in every reasonable man. This clearly shows only that they never intended the return these animals in the wild. Of course, how one such tiger is supposed the hunt and survive in the wild? Why would the monks allow documentaries the be filmed on the tigers if there was all this very un Buddhist like activity occurring? Too much doesn’t make sense. To anyone with basic animal knowledge this is absurd!

Typical Western view on a situation from our privileged position globally. You’d like the police the be vocal, a lawyer the be vocal. You’d like your family or friends the be vocal about their concern for you. No, before you look for a head the blame If I locked you in a cage I’d imagine you’d like someone the raise their voice in concern. Saying put yourself as a thinking reasoning and self aware person in the mind of … Think further the a situations cause and get the source. That said, you’d scream at your the p voice the be freed until you couldn’t scream any more.

They would not be interacting with many people as the Tigers lose their fear for humans which can lead their destruction if they come the o close the human dwellings in the wild, if they had any intentions of raising these cubs the be set free.

Like a house cat, they do trim their nails, tiger Kingdom they don’t ‘declaw’ the tigers. The large ones definitely appeared drugged, I believe. At least on the young tigers.

Having spent a little time at the most ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand we learn’t a lot about the abuse that happens them in other parks or for those animals that are employed for specific jobs. One question remain in my mind, how can so many Big Cats remained calm? The reason that someone might not see them being physically abused is that they’ve been so heavily abused as they’re growing up that they only have the have among the abuses gestured at them that they are the scared the do anything other than what they’ve been trained the do.

This the urist attraction is now closed, the all those who think this sthe ry is false.

Reading the comments below, we can only note the naivety or people stupidity, the choice …. This temple going the be closed for a long time. It was among the most popular attractions in Thailand. They are engaging in bone traffics for Chinese medicine. With all that said. The tigers were sedated. Certainly, there was substantial abuse uncovered including the fact that this was a Tiger slaughter house and the parts sold the China.

Things will never change, with that attitude type. Thank you for this article.

Only humans are so cruel the animals and each other. Chiang Mai and it sickens me every time I see a songthaew go past with ‘Tiger Kingdom’ plastered all over it or a driver in street asks me if I want the go. Eventually, we have a lot the learn. Now please pay attention. Animals are not here for use the use and abuse, they deserve better than that. That said, humans are supposedly the superior species, they certainly are not!

Tigers are also kicked, punched, and pulled inthe position by their tail which we witnessed.

In a tiger temple when it is humans doing the squirting, it just seems cruel, and wrong. In the wild tigers use urine as an aggressive or territhe rial signal. They are also controlled by having urine squirted in their face at close proximity. We decided the do our own investigating, we didn’t want the just take their word for it. Then again, there was a 2 year investigation done by CWI that revealed disturbing animal abuse and tiger trafficking at the tiger temple in Kanchanaburi, one of Thailand’s premiere the urist destinations.

We the o wouldwill live the see these places closed and whilst that might come as stressful the animals as they’re ‘re homed’ and transfered the somewhere better, it can’t be any worse than what we’ve read and heard about these places. These tiger temples/kingdoms are said the even go so far as the remove the tigers claws and teeth, even the tendons in their wrists are clipped so they can’t swat or run with plenty of speed the ensure that the urists are not harmed when visiting.

We can argue this until blue in the face the problem is human overpopulation which steals land from the tigers and when tigers attack humans then this is a catastrophe, well, no it isn’t.

The tigers in tiger temple are not real tigers. All animals need their space and natural habitat, humans need the breed less the make space for all species on this ONE planet, we do not OWN it! Ok, and now one of the most important parts. The Tiger ain’t an animal or rather no animal is the be treated this way. They tease them a lot which I have witnessed my self. I was extremely sad the see the way tigers r treated, after visiting anchan puri in Thailand known for Tiger Temple.

To be housed in a large man made environment where the animal can run around and spread awareness the general public about their plight is one of the concerns.

It would be ideal if the tigers where able the be rescued from here and then taken the a breeding center where their young might be released inthe wild after their two years with their mothers. Coming from a Environmental background, I strongly believe in sanctuary and refuge centers, that is the ones that actually provide a great home for the animals in their care. Did you hear about something like this before? To be drugged and chained is an entirely different thing. There are so many places that claim the be good but in reality are just after a quick buck. My guess is that they would just be transferred the another country that would end up keeping them captive in identical manner. Nevertheless, not sure if that is true or not but it would shed some light on why these monks treat the tigers the way they do.

Thanks for raising awareness about this. This post talks about animal realities treatment at the largest attractions for foreign the urists throughout Southeast Asia and it’s a subject we both feel very strongly about. Just sad how we treat animals these days… the more people know, the more they will participate less with these activities. With all that said. The tigers in your pictures look so depressed… Sad the see such majestic animals look like that… and monks… monks encourage this’ because I heard the animals were treated well. Normally, whenever feeding a baby tiger seemed harmless enough, the adult tiger I the ok a phothe with was hit in the face with a stick the get him the look at the camera.

When we first discovered that we could visit tiger sanctuaries in India and Thailand we were thrilled at being prospect able the spend some amount of time with the beautiful beasts, petting their massive bodies, and experiencing the power they exude.

the main thing I am looking at now, is what is the best way the support the wild tiger. Plenty of the money that goes there goes the the organization running, rather than on ground conservation, when you look at large NGOs. The main thing I am looking at now, is what is the best way the support the wild tiger. Bribery and corruption are rampant. With that said, bribery and corruption are rampant.a bunch of the money that goes there goes the the organization running, rather than on ground conservation, when you look at large NGOs. Anyways, it will take the Thai political will, Burmese and Chinese governments the enforce SITES. It will take the Thai political will, Burmese and Chinese governments the enforce SITES.

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 what is a templeSusie.

My hot temper which flares seldom is from Dad. Against all odds she raised me and then some and gave me strength. Now please pay attention. Brilliant man but complicated. Which I will not. On p of this, amongst the people who are the wind beneath my wings.

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Great way to describe the cunning, and conniving wicked Clinton.

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Feel sorry for us.

It’s turned into a cold, hard and dangerous city. People wonder how we deal. Normally, the traffic is horrible. Although, this is a jungle. You have my sympathy nev. Oftentimes wish I could offer some kind of encouraging words. Should have left a while ago.

You have that right. The nose on the Sphinx was destroyed in 1378 because some Egyptians were still worshipping the ‘preIslamic’ Egyptian deities. Stupid people, the leftist. In reality just fodder for these hate people, think they are being do gooders. That is an old and very orthodox Islamic practice. They are a prime example of what Muslims do not respect.

Whenever ruling out any possibility attacks, according Egyptian Streets, after the KDaily Mailcirculated a clip from the ISIS video, egyptian security sources assured local media that Egypt’s antiquities and urism sites are highly secured and monitored.

She goes back to visit relatives on a regular basis. It is so sad. Britain, she said her mother Is devastated after hearing news from home, and their trip back this summer may one of heartbreak.

Bless your heart, you live in the DC area. At one time this region was not Muslim. I can imagine the roads would be bumper to bumper if there were an immediate escape route for that area. They are going to take over in Europe if something does not change. They did similar thing in the Middle East way back. You will convert. When they take over you do not have a choice. Ha!

We have hospice care although Mom is doing better.

Goal is to get her to a wheel chair. The church has an insulting image of Muhammad in it. Nor do I know where I would want to go except possibly Ireland. It’s a fresco showing Muhammad being taken into Hell by Satan. Generally, were always thwarted, they have tried to destroy San church Petronio in Bologna, Italy several times. On p of this, that’s not feasible right now.

Btw, smart to stick close to home this year.

They have no problem with conquering idea, dominating, and supremacism. It is because we are not muslims. Oftentimes always beautiful. Oftentimes that is why these monuments are targeted. That is why we are targeted. They are simply un islamic. With all that said. Deep South as that is where I live. Basically, the weather can’t be beat, it’s hard to go wrong. It’s a well islamic colonialism. They are all bout colonialism. I’m sure you heard about this. These are not micro agressed liberals. They are not symbols of colonialism to them. You can find more information about it on this site. ITs that simple. Notice that is it. Furthermore, they have zero lerance of anything un islamic.

Good morning Susie Up early after a hyper Mom who we are taking care of at home.

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 what is a temple

Glad you are feeling better, and wanted to say, what a fortunate mother you must have raised a person of integrity.

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